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Cloud Enabled Hospital Management System
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Awesome Features

We help in elevating your business through our simplified software, high security in a flexible, simple and attractive way.


Digital Practice

Everyone talks about going paperless. It has helped scores of doctors actually do it. Our complete & integrated solution makes it a breeze. Use it to believe it.


360 degree Patient Profile

Demographics, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Clinical Notes, x-rays/photos, Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatments, Prescriptions all on ONE place.


Growth Dashboard

Shows you everything that needs your attention - growth insights, pending payments from patients and patients to follow up, and more


E - Prescriptions

Patient can get their Prescriptions from their login, similarly the pharmacist can retrieve & use the Prescriptions for billing which will reduce time of typing


ICD Based Report

ICD has given code for each and every diseases. So you can classify how many patients comes under a particular disease. This helps for research purpose and reports.


Secured Data

We care for your data security. We are cloud enabled and provide two way synchronisation, data replication & periodical backups. we also provide high availability as addon solution


WhoWe Are

We have over a decade of experience in the software industry, producing exciting experiences for projects that are as smart as they are effective. Our mission is to create better projects which help in ease the work of the people who use them. By developing custom made solutions for each Industry we have helped our clients reap the fullest rewards of next generation software technologies.


Our Plan

As Zillion.Care is completely SaaS based. it’s already installed and configured in the cloud. Below are our pricing. For Enterprise Solution Please Contact Us.

Our Modules

Patient Registration & Login

Manage vital information for the patient, Unique MRD number, Sends updates through SMS or emails. Patient can view their medical history through their login.

Out Patient Management

Simple Billing & Collection, Configurable Pre / POST Billing System, Token System , Manage payment due, and receive & manage advance payment

In Patient Management

Easily manage admissions, manage day-today medical history, discharges, room/ward transfers. Allocate a bed, ward, and room by availability.

Laboratory Management

Manages patient medical tests, billing, collection, upload/capture of images and investigation reports.

Pharmacy Management

Receive prescriptions from doctors & send dispensing unit down to a particular patient, without any need for manual intervention, easy billing, out of stock & expiry stock reports.

MRD Management

Keeps records of all patient data. Get ICD Reports based on area or by diseases.

Nurse Station

The patient’s vital signs, admission and nursing assessments, and nursing notes are accessed.

Video Consultation

Patients can register, follow-up or get second opinion by video call. Have facility to collect amount online using net banking, credit/debit card and UPI.

Reference Doctor

Can able to see the reference patient data from Reference Doctor login and can interact with concern doctor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Questions? Just checkout here for answers.
You can view a demo by scheduling an appointment with us. You can fill in the form and our support person will contact you, and can schedule demo in your flexible time.
Zillion Care provides 100% safety and security. We provide Data recovery and two way synchronisation, data replication & periodical backups in an accurate and efficient manner.
We have 4 packages. It is opt for Small Clinic with individual doctor, speciality, super speciality, multi speciality hospitals.
Sure. We want all of our customers to check the software before they are making the purchase decision. – Ask for a free demo. Our Sales team will show the walk through of software. Then you can make the decision.
Yes, it is multilingual.
Different doctors have different working criteria, we understand that. Already we have designed our product in such a way which satisfies your need. Even then if you need any customization we are flexible and will definitely deliver a customized product